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Our Story

We started this company because we love data and we love learning and exploring the environment. We solve real problems for real people by giving them access to meaningful and accurate data on how their bodies move. Enflux is a spin-off of the term “influx”. Influx means “act of flowing in”.

Why Motion Capture Clothing?

We’re making motion capture simple and practical for everyday use. Enflux Clothing is for animators, game developers, virtual reality, sports, and health.

Our sensors and electronic components fit seamlessly inside everyday clothing and communicate with smartphones and computers through bluetooth. The Enflux developer kit costs only $499 (shirt, pants, and free SDK access), compared to professional motion capture systems, which cost up to $200,000.

The Enflux Team

We are innovators, engineers, designers, and scientists. We push boundaries to advance technology beyond our wildest imaginations. We enter markets that are highly competitive because competition spurs creativity and innovation. Small details really count.

Doug Hoang<br class=Chief Executive Officer”/>
Doug Hoang
Chief Executive Officer

Doug founded his first small business at 14 years old. Manufacturing engineer at Harley Davidson Motor Company. Chief Engineer at Power Solutions International (PSI), responsible for designing and manufacturing V8 and V6 engines in a 4 year time span. Those products generated $500M in revenue and propelled PSI to IPO. Responsible for talking to users, product design, sales, and manufacturing.

Mickey Ferri<br class=Chief Growth Officer”/>
Mickey Ferri
Chief Growth Officer

Mickey earned his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago, where he studied the economics of technology adoption and market dynamics in sports and entertainment. Mickey started a business selling ticket pricing analysis to NBA and MLB teams. Responsible for talking to users, operations, data science, machine learning algorithms, market dynamics analysis, sales, financial analysis, and marketing.

Russell Jahn<br class=VP of Software Experience”/>
Russell Jahn
VP of Software Experience

Russell is a computer scientist and animation expert from the University of Texas at Austin. Russell has created software apps for Jimmy Kimmel, the X-Men apocalypse film, and designed core video game play for Wheel of Fortune. Responsible for SDK testing, customer support, and content development in VR/AR/Mobile applications.

Jordan Tritell<br class=VP of Software”/>
Jordan Tritell
VP of Software

Jordan worked at Facebook’s Oculus for 2 years working on the design and implementation of their SDK. Responsible for SDK design, SDK testing, firmware implementation, documentation, and reliability testing.

Brennan Fahselt<br class=Community Manager”/>
Brennan Fahselt
Community Manager

Brennan is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied Civil and Environmental Engineering. As a technology enthusiast and avid mobile gamer, Brennan is excited for the future of virtual reality, and hopes that the Enflux suit will play a big role in creating more immersive experiences.

How It Began

Enflux began when Doug and Eli, former college roommates, made sensors to analyze motion in racecars. Doug was training for a triathlon and got injured. He started studying running form and realized he could use the race car sensors on his legs to collect data while running. That’s how the idea was born!