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Enflux at Channel Partners in Washington D.C.

Enflux at Channel Partners in Washington D.C.

It was an honor and a thrill to present in front of hundreds of telecom executives in Washington, D.C. at the Channel Partners Conference. I was featured this Tuesday on a panel called “Working with Startups for Long-term Profit.” The panel included three amazing co-panelists -  Rachel McNeese, Jaime Zarate, and Christian Annabolli of Richardson Communications Consulting. RCC specializes in scaling tech startups and helping us navigate the complex world of IT and networking. We've been working with them to help get the right infrastructure in place to scale. And of course, I'll take every opportunity to dance on stage I can get.

The conference was based around a really cool and innovative, hypothesized company called “Acme Connected Apparel.” “Amy Acme” created a startup that was embedding sensors into clothing. The Channel Partners presented solutions to support Amy scale her company. When Amy and Channel Partners found out Enflux was actually creating connected clothing in real-life, they invited us to come present at the show. It was amazing to meet "Amy Acme" in person!

The event was a huge success for Enflux. The audience included hundreds of telecom executives from event sponsors AT&T, Verizon, and their partners. After Mickey’s presentation, the executives were describing Enflux as “clothes that turn your body into an IoT platform” and “one of the most exciting young companies we’ve seen in years.” The audience were especially interested in applications in health care, gaming, sports, and virtual reality.

And don't worry. the famous "Enflux cart" made it out to D.C. and back all in one piece...



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