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Enflux at SVVR! SVVR 30 to 38

Enflux at SVVR! SVVR 30 to 38

Updated monthly. Last updated March 22, 2017.

Thank you SVVR!

SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is the "World's Largest Virtual Reality Meetup." If you've never been and you're interested in VR, check it out next month - it's awesome!

Enflux has attended SVVR for nine straight months, and it's a thrill to be part of the community. Meetups are hosted at exciting places like SVVR HQ, Nvidia, AMD, Accenture, Samsung and Nokia, and the food is pretty, pretty, good.

We thought we'd share some of our experiences for folks who want to attend "Virtually." Speaking of which, did you know the last two SVVR meetups were live-streamed in AltspaceVR with a green screen?

Below is a recap of each month of Enflux's history at SVVR. Thank you SVVR and the virtual reality community for being so supportive!

Next SVVR Event - SVVR Expo

March 29-31, 2017. We'll be at the SVVR Expo, their biggest event of the year, March 29-31! We're bringing back Virtual Village People, the 2016 Enflux classic VR dancing game! The original Virtual Village People hit the streets in September 2016 at SVVR #33.


Feb 23, 2017. Russell Jahn, Enflux VP of Software Experience, fills in for Mickey in his usual spot in front of the SVVR crowd. Russell announces the updated features of the Enflux SDK and shows off the latest demo.


Jan 27, 2017. The grand opening of SVVR's own office, based in Redwood City! Congratulations Karl, Jon, Nana, Brian, and all the regular volunteers. We couldn't be happier for you. It's encouraging to see hard work pay off for good people.

This SVVR was also the first one that was live broadcast in AltspaceVR. The famous Cymatic Bruce was there. Bruce and all the presenters were live streamed in Altspace.

We announced the upcoming "Future of Sports Technology Hackathon" and our Unity Workshop at UploadVR.


Dec 14, 2016. Enflux unveiled our VR Avatar Demo for first time at SVVR 36. Mickey Ferri made three big announcements:

  1. The Avatar demo is available - the power to become three different virtual characters using Enflux clothing
  2. Results from the VR Hackathon
  3. The unveiling of the brand new module that will power the Enflux clothing in higher production volume

SVVR 35 - Accenture

Nov 10, 2016. Mickey Ferri introduces Enflux to the crowd alongside his virtual self! While Mickey spoke, we projected his custom avatar with a 3D scan of his face up on the big screen. A good video to watch to learn more about Enflux in VR.

Mike Aratow of VRHackathon.com, VRecover, and the Web 3D Consortium joined Mickey up on stage to announce the winter "VR Hackathon" @ The Microsoft Reactor.


SVVR 34 - Jaunt VR

Oct 20, 2016. Watch the full video of SVVR 34 here. Mickey from Enflux spoke from 38:52 to 40:50.

SVVR 33 - The Tech Museum

Sept 20, 2016. We announced that “Virtual Village People,” the first ever Virtual Reality game powered by Enflux motion capture clothes, is now available.

Here's a video of EnfluxVR cofounder, Mickey Ferri, explaining and demoing the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3aTl...

The Tour opened at SVVR on Tuesday, September 20. Doug Hoang, Enflux CEO, ran the booth and got hit in the face...only a handful of times. It was a huge hit!


SVVR 32 - Samsung HQ

August 25, 2016. Watch the full video of SVVR 32 here. Mickey from Enflux spoke from 1:19:54 to 1:21:09.


July 28, 2016. Enflux announces that developer kits are shipping!!!!

Watch the full video of SVVR 31 here. Mickey from Enflux spoke from 1:19:00 to 1:20:00.


June 30, 2016. Enflux first ever SVVR meet up!!!! Anyone have pics or videos?


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