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Enflux @ CES: Day 1

Enflux @ CES: Day 1

Enflux has finally made it to Las Vegas for CES 2017 after a long day of traveling! After setting up our demo in a Y Combinator showcase room at the MGM Grand Hotel, we met a number of companies sharing the space with us that are developing other smart electronics and Internet of Things appliances for the home. Check out their products here!

Mickey also had the chance to meet with reporters from news sites like BBC and Tech Crunch and show the Enflux suit and its applications to them. 

Enflux is at CES seeking software development and development partners in sports, VR, workplace safety, and animation.

If you’re interested in seeing the future of mo-cap come find us at the following places during the conference:


Wednesday and Thursday: Smart home appliances @ MGM Grand
Friday:  Booth 4325 showcasing for Formlabs @ The Venetian
Saturday and Sunday: Tech West @ The Venetian


As always, we will be wearing Enflux clothing with the Enfluxmobile!

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