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Enflux Workshop at Upload 8/23

Enflux Workshop at Upload 8/23

Calling all Software Developers looking to create interactive full-body experiences! Join our evening workshop on August 23rd to explore an alternative to controller inputs in gaming, VR, and AR: Full Body Motion Capture Clothing.

At this workshop, we will do a deconstruction of our SIGGRAPH demo, showing Unity developers how to create really immersive interactive full-body experiences. We'll dissect how our SIGGRAPH demo was made in detail and show how the sensors in the Enflux suit are used as game controls. Then we will have a breakout session for developers to experiment with Enflux full body clothing products.

This session will be led by our very own Russell! He is an interaction engineer whose work intersects programming with animation, art, and user-centric design. Currently VP of Software Experience at Enflux Smart Clothing, Russell has a diverse background of rapidly creating film and game software and tools. He programmed interactive software and props used hands-on by actors in Denis Villeneuve's critically acclaimed film Arrival (2016), Brian Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), and the ABC television hit Quantico (2015). Russell has recently created customized VR experiences for set pre-production used in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming film Mother and for gags on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Who Should Sign Up:
- Intermediate level Unity developers interested in developing applications with full body motion. Participants are expected to already be comfortable/experienced with Unity.

What You Will Learn:
- A solid framework of different types of input in gaming, AR, and VR and advantages/disadvantages
- How to get started using a full body motion capture device (Enflux clothing)
- How to create and implement a full body experience using a full body motion capture device (Enflux clothing)

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