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Event Recap: The Future of Sports Technology Hackathon - Enflux, Hololens, SportRadar, and WebVR!

Event Recap: The Future of Sports Technology Hackathon - Enflux, Hololens, SportRadar, and WebVR!

February 17-19, 2017. Enflux and Microsoft partnered to host the "Future of Sports Technology" Hackathon at the beautiful Microsoft Reactor in downtown San Francisco. This Hackathon brought together some of the best minds in technology and sports to solve real problems for athletes, coaches, sports companies, and fans. Developers worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to create proof-of-concept apps with Enflux clothing, the Microsoft Hololens, the Sportradar SDK, and WebVR. 

The recap video and photo gallery below tell the full story of the weekend. You can see the introductions, project ideas, footage of teams developing and explaining their projects, judging, and the presentations to the winners!

All the teams and project submissions are here: https://future-of-sports-technology.devpost.com/submissions

Check out the winning projects below as well as the prizes they won!

Best Overall Project - GlutealAmnesia

Congratulations to Robert, Forrest, Gustavo, Shahid, Sarah, and Efe! Watch the video below to see the explanation of winning project GlutealAmnesia.

This team put together an incredible solution that gives athletes and coaches simple and intuitive visual feedback of their technique in real-time. They used Enflux Motion Capture Clothing to collect the data and the computer screen and Microsoft Hololens to show real-time views of your body from different perspectives. Their solution analyzes the body's movement and provides green and red outlines indicating proper technique. It's an incredible concept, and it shows promising future for the team. Athletes get an augmented reality experience which allows them to incorporate their coaches' advice in real-time during training.

We were honored to have Phil Cheetham, the U.S. Olympic Committee's Senior Technologist, as the judge for this category. Phil gave a great presentation on the Olympic Committee, and how they are using a great deal of sports analytics to track their athletes' training.

The prizes for this category were:

  • Exclusive visit to the U.S. Olympic Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, with a private meeting to present their work to coaches, athletes, and staff at the Training Center
  • Lifetime elite membership to Starters
  • 24 bottles of BodyArmor Sports Drink
  • 2 free Enflux suits 

Best VR - Pass Punt Kick

Congratulations to Chris, Julian, Linda, Dulce, and Yuri of Punt, Pass, Kick!

This team created a VR game in which the player becomes the quarterback in a game of football. S/he punts, passes, and kicks the football while attempting to score and win the game. They used the Enflux suit to capture movement of the player in the virtual space, the Oculus for seeing your own body move and to capture the player's position in 3D space. But that's not all...

Amazingly, the Punt, Pass, Kick team successfully integrated WebVR with the Enflux clothing the Oculus Rift in the weekend! Here's how it went down. One of the developers wore the Enflux suit and Oculus Rift, demonstrating full-body positional tracking in VR for the judges on computer A. Not only that. In real-time, computer A sent data to WebVR, computer B downloadedthe data, and displayed the full-body tracking data it was receiving from WebVR, all in real-time! This is quite an accomplishment, and is a prototype for real-time full-body data transmission with positional tracking through the web!

The judge for this category was Enflux's very own Chief of Software, Matt Brown.

The prize for this category was:

  • A free demo space for the "Virtual Reality in Sports" event at UploadVR
  • An exclusive interview with VR Fitness Insider
  • Enflux t-shirts for each team member

Best AR - TeleSportMe

Congratulations to Lima Mora of TeleSportMe! TeleSportMe was a project that used the Hololens as well as the Enflux suit to create a one-on-one training simulation through motion capture! Read more about the TeleSportMe project here: https://devpost.com/software/telesportme

Tyler Gibson, Design Strategist at Microsoft, presented this award. Tyler was an immense help this weekend, helping the teams as well as Enflux use the Hololens as a development tool. He presented the Best AR prize, which was:

  • 2 complimentary passes to the LEAN Sports Technology Conference, held by the ISTA in Colorado Springs at One Olympic Plaza March 8-10
  • 24 bottles of Bodyarmor
  • Enflux t-shirts for each team member

Best Fan Engagement - StatVR

Congratulations to David Olsen of StatVR! This is a really cool concept, and has so much potential it's amazing the idea isn't more widespread already. David created a VR interface that provided statistics and other relevant information while streaming live sports content. The additional information was displayed along the side of the stream, and used the Sportradar SDK to import the sports data into the interface.

This has huge implications for the fan experience, as multiple screens can be seamlessly combined into one sleek VR interface!

The judge for this category was YCombinator's Director of Marketing, Craig Cannon. As the Director of Marketing for the world's premier start-up accelerator and a world record holder in cycling, Craig makes a fantastic judge who knows a thing or two about sports and technology!

The prize for this category was:

  • Free API Access for 12 months or an entry into the Sportradar Acceleradar program

Check out here and here to learn more Sportradar! 

Best Sports Performance - Fitness Wizard

Congratulations to Susan Zell of Fitness Wizard! In possibly the most creative entry we had in this hackathon, Fitness Wizard was a story-based fitness game where the player casts spells by doing calisthenics in the Enflux suit. Its purpose was to get gamers off the couch!

The judge for this category was Akif Malik, CEO and partner of Sports Colab. Sports Colab is an accelerator, fund and community for sports media and entertainment. He presented this category's prize of:

  • 12 month training membership to group classes for the San Francisco location (Franklin & Bush) of Kwan Um Do Kwang, a "cutting edge" martial arts training gym in San Francisco.

Immersive WebVR - Devon

This project was a simpler and more opinionated framework for building Hololens applications with Javascript and ThreeJS, that was based on HoloJS. This has huge and broad implications for Hololens developers.

Damon Hernandez, Hackathon guru, presented this award.

Best Drink Experience with BodyArmor- Punt Pass Kick

This award was for the best drink experience with the BodyArmor sports drink captured during the weekend. Entrants had to post a picture or video with the hashtags #SportHack2017 #GetEnflux and #Bodyarmor, and the most creative clip won! The prize was 24 bottles of BodyArmor, and the winner was Pass Punt Kick with their Mannequin Challenge video.

Check out the other great pictures below!


A special thanks to all of our partners who helped bring together this awesome event - Microsoft, BodyArmor, Kwan Um Do Kwang, Sportradar, ISTA, Starters, VR Fitness Insider, as well as the US Olympic Committee!


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