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How to Create a VR Game with EnfluxVR Motion Capture Clothes

How to Create a VR Game with EnfluxVR Motion Capture Clothes

Virtual Village People: The First EnfluxVR Game on HTC Vive and Oculus

Ever wonder what it would be like to dance in VR? Wonder no more! Just put on an EnfluxVR shirt and pants, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be dancing along with your Avatar…by moving your body in real life.

The first EnfluxVR game, dubbed "Virtual Village People," was created at a very special Hackathon August 27-28, hosted by IBM, SVVR, NVIDIA, HTCVive, and AltspaceVR.

The Enflux team - Matt Brown, Jordan Tritell, Ying Bin Wu, and Michael Rawlings - coded for 28 hours nonstop to create the first ever VR game powered by EnfluxVR. We used IBM Watson’s Visual Recognition API to recognize whether the user was correctly timing the Y, M, C, and A poses.

Virtual Village People is a twist on Dance Dance Revolution – dancing in Virtual Reality where your entire body gets scored. You get points for being in the correct position at the right time. It’s so much fun, and surprisingly challenging!

Here is a preview video with some behind the scenes footage of Mickey playing the game to the classic tune, the YMCA.

Click here to install the game on Vive or Rift.

See if you can beat Mickey's high score of 134 (and climbing… )


How to Set up EnfluxVR with the Oculus Rift

To create "Virtual Village People," we used both the Vive and the Rift.

Instructions on how to download and install the EnfluxVR Unity SDK are available on GitHub

Here is a brilliant 3 minute video Jordan Tritell created for VR developers with a step-by-step process to integrate the EnfluxVR Unity SDK with Oculus. Skip to 2:30 to see Jordan’s complete integration functioning in Unity.


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