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The Role of VR / AR in Your Company's Strategy

The Role of VR / AR in Your Company's Strategy

In Silicon Valley, VR/AR really is the future. Large tech companies and VCs are pouring money into the industry and there are dozens of VR/AR events each week. But outside of the tech bubble, the user base is small, engagement rates are weak, adoption is struggling, and the world is still waiting for the killer app. The companies that figure out VR/AR in 2017 will have a head start on creating the future.

Last Wednesday, Enflux's CGO Mickey (Ph.D. in Economics) gave a talk on how companies can effectively use VR and AR in their strategies in 2017. Mickey covered the state of VR/AR in 2017, what VR needs to become mainstream, and how to get there.


Mickey spoke from his first-hand experience as cofounder of Enflux, which makes motion capture clothing for full-body presence in VR/AR/MR. Mickey earned his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago, where he studied the economics of technology adoption and market dynamics in sports and entertainment. This talk was ideal for CTOs of companies that are developing solutions in VR/AR, or are interested in learning more about the space. 

Check out videos of the talk below!

Part 1

Part 2


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