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We had an amazing time at our first SIGGRAPH as exhibitors! SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest and most influential conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques. In other words, it's the SUPERBOWL for computer graphics.

The top highlights were:

  1. Watching users play our interactive game, Captain Roboflux,
  2. Hearing from new Unity and Blender users about their project ideas with Enflux, and
  3. Meeting legends of the computer graphics and animation industry.

Captain Roboflux is our new interactive game powered by Enflux built in Unity 3D. In the game, the user becomes Captain Roboflux by putting on an Enflux suit, and uses the Enflux suit as a game controller. The object is to break down a wall of blocks by shooting your arms and stomping your legs.

Check out the Event Recap video below!

We created the game in collaboration with John Yoon, an animation professor at UCLA. The animations of Captain Roboflux's body are specifically tied to the angles in your knees and elbows, creating a uniquely immersive experience. There was so much interest from Unity developers to learn how to create their own games using Enflux, so we are hosting a Workshop at Upload LA on August 23: Creating a Full-Body Interactive Game with Enflux Mocap Clothing. Tickets are still available if you're in LA and you'd like to join!

SIGGRAPH was a great place for Enflux to show off the tools we have developed for animators and game developers over the last few months. Besides our game, we also demoed our Blender and Unity plugins that make the gap between motion capture and content creation incredibly small. 

We met a lot of old friends, and made new friends as well!

Blender CEO,  Ton Roosendaal, with Russell and Mickey of Enflux
Ken Perlin, Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New York University, founding director of the Media Research Lab at NYU, and the Director of the Games for Learning Institute
Andrew McCann of the Web 3D Consortium, who organized the VR Hackathon in December, 2016

We all had a great time looking at the different booths and exhibits- its exciting to see where graphics and animation will go in the future!



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