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Top 5 Enflux Moments at CES 2017

Top 5 Enflux Moments at CES 2017

We had an awesome time at CES this year- check out our what made our top 5 moments!


#5 Futuristic Cars

CES was host to a great number of car companies- some presenting new vehicles or showing off futuristic smart vehicles. We had the opportunity to talk to a few car companies about potential uses for the Enflux suit in ergonomic studies for their products as well as monitoring the safety of their workers in manufacturing plants. 



#4 Other up and coming companies

We met a great deal of new exciting companies throughout the week that we wish the best to in the coming months. Special thanks to the Hardware Club for connecting us with the other companies who shared the suite with us the first day.



#3 Meeting Technology Experts at CES

CES is a fantastic conference where companies often launch new products. We were able to meet with so many technology experts and get their feedback on Enflux technology and our go-to-market strategy.

One of the highlights was meeting Paul Sabbah and showing him the Enflux clothing. Paul is a 30 year CES veteran, and has been walking the CES floor as long as he can remember. We were inspired to have him visit our booth and hear his stories. He tried on the Enflux shirt, and said Enflux is one of the most exciting new technologies he's seen in years!

Mickey also got the chance to meet up with his uncle, NBA legend Danny Schayes! Danny spoke on a panel about technology in sports.


#2 Our day at Formlabs

We had a great time on Thursday at the Formlabs booth. We were honored to be one of Formlabs featured start ups at CES 2017. We presented at a booth that showcased the development of our suit prototypes, and had an animation/VR demo going at the same time as well. Mickey, Brennan, Russell, and Ken met with professionals from all over the industry to talk about what Enflux is and about its applications! Many thanks to the Formlabs team (especially JP, Clark, and TW) for being so welcoming and helping us coordinate the booth!

#1 Our interview with TechCrunch

Our best memory of CES was undoubtedly interviewing with John Biggs for TechCrunch. John and his team visited us on our first day in the Smart Home suite, and had a blast trying on the Enflux suit and trying out our demos.

 The interview:

A special thanks to everyone who came out to see us at CES- we hope to see you all there next year at CES 2018!


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