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Enflux at UC Berkeley: Growing SocialVR Communities

Enflux at UC Berkeley: Growing SocialVR Communities


October 8, 2016. Enflux visited the University of California Berkeley to attend the VR Experience Conference. The attendees were college students and Berkeley alumni, and for many, it was their first time trying out VR.

The crowd tried out the latest Enflux demo, Virtual Village People, and danced outside for hours. Yes, we found out that it is possible to set up a Vive outside - you just need a big tent! Check out a video of our highlights from the event below.

A huge thank you to the VR @ Berkeley Club for organizing this event and inviting Enflux to participate!

The crowd of about 300 people total was so excited about VR, but it was shocking to hear many of them actually owned VR headsets at home!

Check out the above video for highlights from the event and to see Mickey Ferri's impression of the current state of SocialVR!

Mickey Ferri, Enflux Chief Growth Officer, sat on a panel to discuss how to grow Social VR communities. His portion of the event highlight video begins at 1:36. Mickey discussed the early challenges VR is facing, and the VR accessibility problem: the fact that many VR headset owners are content developers, rather than consumers. Mickey talked about some of the popular SocialVR platforms, and even did a comical impression in front of the audience of what it's like to be in AltspaceVR.

The critical mass of users is something that is going to have to be developed over time.  As more and more people gain access to VR, the more valuable and widespread it will become. Mickey talked about how this network effect is incredibly important in the success of VR, because it determines how fast and how many people VR reaches.

The two factors that are going to decide how this happens are content and cost. Content is what drives the proliferation of any medium, and virtual reality is no different. VR needs games, videos, and other experiences that make it worth buying as well as create continued use by consumers. Cost is also an important factor, as HMD's need to be affordable enough for the average consumer to consider buying one. Enflux is trying to address the cost problem by making a suit that is affordable but still makes for a much better experience in VR.

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