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Enflux Headband

Enflux Headband

Enflux Headband


Reduce and eliminate your wrist pain now!

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The Enflux headband integrates with Enflux Clothing to add head movement to your motion capture!

The sensor can also be used as one independent IMU to track objects in Unity or Blender.

The Enflux headband comes with one Enflux sensor, which contains:

  • 1 IMU motion sensor, +/- 2 degrees of accuracy in roll, pitch, and yaw
  • Removable electronics for easy washing
  • One bluetooth LE 4.0 connection
  • 10 hour battery which is USB rechargeable
  • Internal update rate 125 Hz, Max output rate 66 Hz. Arm M4 32 MHz microprocessor


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