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Our Story

We started this company because we love data and we love learning and exploring the environment. We solve real problems for real people by giving them access to meaningful and accurate data on how their bodies move. Enflux is a spin-off of the term "influx". Influx means "act of flowing in".

Why Motion Capture Clothing?

We make Motion Capture Clothing for animation, gaming, virtual reality, sports, and health. Our sensors and electronic components fit seamlessly inside everyday clothing and communicate with smartphones and computers through bluetooth. The Enflux developer kit costs only $349 (includes shirt, pants, and free SDK access), compared to professional motion capture systems, which cost up to $200,000. Enflux clothing is fashionable, simple, affordable, and mobile.

The Enflux Team

We are engineers, designers, and data scientists. We push boundaries to advance technology beyond our wildest imaginations. We enter markets that are highly competitive because competition spurs creativity and innovation. Small details really count.

Doug Hoang<br />Chief Executive Officer
Doug Hoang
Chief Executive Officer

Doug is a racecar engineer by training. The first car he ever owned was a Toyota MR2, which he bought for $3000 when he was 16 with money he earned working two jobs during high school.

In 2013, Doug was developing sensors to put on racecars. He was also training for a triathlon and having leg injuries. He started to study running mechanics, and realized that he could take the racecar sensors and strap them to his own legs (shown upper right). And that's how Enflux was born.

Three years and hundreds of sensors later, we're revolutionizing full-body 3D motion capture by bringing it to the consumer market for the very first time.

Mickey Ferri<br />Chief Growth Officer
Mickey Ferri
Chief Growth Officer

Mickey Ferri, PhD, is an entrepreneur, economist, athlete, and coach. He believes in consistent self-improvement, living with genuine excitement, and helping others wherever possible. As Chief Growth Officer of Enflux, Mickey develops, implements, and directs the company's growth, including marketing, partnerships, revenue generation, and guest satisfaction. Mickey joined Enflux because it brings together his passions for sports, business, and data science. He is excited about bringing to market disruptive technologies that improve people’s lives, especially in exercise, healthcare, sports, and entertainment.

Mickey earned his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago, where he studied the economics of technology adoption and market dynamics in sports and entertainment. He's been playing sports his whole life, inspired by his grandfather, Dolph Schayes and uncle, Danny Schayes, who both played in the NBA. Mickey ran track at Tufts University and coached at University of Chicago.

Favorite exercise: Sprinting
Favorite video game: Tetris

Elijah Schuldt<br />Chief Technology Officer
Elijah Schuldt
Chief Technology Officer

Elijah Schuldt is from a small town in central Minnesota. He grew up with a curiosity to understand how things work. Rocketry and electronics were some of the many interests he began to explore.

Elijah attended the Missouri University of Science & Technology were he obtained degrees in both Electrical and Aerospace Engineering. While at the university he held many official positions including president and chief engineer of the Advanced Aero Vehicle Group student design team. Through these positions he further sharpened his skills in circuit and firmware design.

After graduation he relocated to Huntsville, Alabama to work for a defense contracting company developing trajectory analysis algorithms for the Missile Defense Agency. There he met his wife and later became a father. He became a certified personal trainer on the side to couple with his interest in fitness.

Elijah assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer at Enflux 3 years ago and has since been developing all the of the hardware and firmware aspects of the product.

Matt Brown<br />Chief of Software
Matt Brown
Chief of Software

Matt has a wide range of interests spanning multiple fields of technology.

He is an avid cyclist, and studied both welding technology and mechanical engineering with the idea of building bicycles. But something happened along the way…

While studying mechanical engineering at Missouri S&T, he worked on and raced for the human powered vehicle design team. When he took a class that involved programming machines, Matt latched on to coding and hasn’t looked back.

Out of college, Matt worked in research and development for the oil industry by day, and learned to program by night. He also got into video games (He maintains a positive K/D in CoD) and became very enthusiastic about VR and mobile technology.

With his wife, Matt enjoys travelling, hiking, cycling, and learning new things. He's really excited to be working on the technology behind Enflux, especially since this is the first 3D motion capture tech that is integrated with cell phones.

Oh yeah Matt also loves ping pong and travels with a paddle just in case.

Pamela Lee<br />VP of Product
Pamela Lee
VP of Product

Coming Soon!

Jordan Tritell<br />VP of Software
Jordan Tritell
VP of Software

Jordan is a virtual reality developer and enthusiast. He grew up with a passion for computers, starting his first website at age 10.

While at Indiana University, Bloomington, he studied computer science with specialties in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and robotics. He worked on a team competing in DARPA robotics competition. After trying the first Oculus Developer kit, he believed in a world of new possibilities using VR.

He went on to work on building consumer virtual reality for the next two years at Oculus, working on the SDK for the first consumer launch.

At a conference, he saw a presentation for Enflux and saw its potential to bring full body presence in VR. On the spot, he ordered his Enflux suit to create a full body experience. Soon after, he joined the Enflux team, developing the SDK to make that vision a reality.

He has competed in wrestling and currently trains in boxing.

Favorite game: Starcraft II.

Tim Chen<br />VP of Hardware
Tim Chen
VP of Hardware

Coming Soon!

Janet Machuca
Janet Machuca

Coming Soon!

How It Began

Enflux began when Doug and Eli, former college roommates, made sensors to analyze motion in racecars. Doug was training for a triathlon and got injured. He started studying running form, and realized he could use the same race car sensors on his legs to collect data while running. That’s how the idea was born!