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Welcome Enflux Developers!

Thank you for your interest in Enflux. Our vision is to reinvent how the human body interacts with technology. We are thrilled to have many talented development partners that share this vision. Our goal is to empower you with simple, affordable motion capture clothes and provide you with exceptional support.

Our development partners are using Enflux motion capture clothes in many fields, including:

We are actively seeking new development partners. The next batch of Enflux clothes is shipping in Summer, 2017. We have VERY limited quantity available. We are shipping this batch based on when orders are placed on the website, prioritizing developers who place orders first. Preorder your Enflux clothes on our preorder page.

If you ever have any questions, please contact us anytime!

Getting Started

The Enflux Developer Kit comes with a shirt, pants, and two micro USB chargers. The shirt and pants have 10 total IMU motion sensors.

Download the complete Enflux Getting Started Guide! (Last updated March 18, 2017).

View the Clothing User Manual and Operating Instructions

View the Enflux Performance Specs

Product Features

  • Fashionable shirt and pants - engineered for comfort and style
  • Simple setup - put on a shirt and pants, and push two ON buttons
  • No calibration required for initial setup*
  • One bluetooth LE connection on shirt, one on pants
  • Windows 10 platform support
  • Precise and fast tracking powered by 10 embedded motion sensors
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Washable shirt and pants
  • Available in 5 Men's sizes (S to XXL)

*Simple calibration routine available. This may improve performance, especially in environments with high concentration of metal and/or magnets.

The Core Unity C# plug-in SDK for Windows Desktop is available now!

Download the Enflux Unity SDK Guide! (Last updated March 18, 2017).

Download the Enflux Unity SDK plug-in on Github

This is what our developers are using today to create the world's most accessible motion capture experiences. Click the links below to see examples of what Enflux developers have created:


Software Roadmap


Help us help you!

We are focused on providing you with the best experience possible. Whether you're a developer currently working with Enflux clothes or interested in working with us, your feedback is incredibly valuable.

Please fill out our Developer Feedback Form anytime to give us advice on how to improve your experience with Enflux.