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Upcoming Enflux Events!

  • Feb 13 - Creating Full Body Experiences in VR workshop, UploadVR, San Francisco
  • Feb 14-15 - Exhibit at Developer Week, San Francisco
  • Feb 15 - CTO World Congress, Enflux talk on VR Development
  • Feb 17-19 - "The Future of Sports Technology" Hackathon at Microsoft Reactor
  • Feb 28 - "Virtual Reality in Sports" at UploadVR
  • March 1 - "Stanford GSB Sports Innovation Conference" at Stanford
  • “Creating Full Body Experiences in VR” at UploadVR and Developer Week

    This workshop overviews basic input concepts in VR and focuses on a breakout session for developers to experiment with Enflux full body clothing products. If you're interested in using Enflux Motion Capture Clothing for our Developer Week hackathon, this workshop is a great chance to get up to speed.

    Sign Up for the workshop here.

    “The Future of Sports Technology” Hackathon at the Microsoft Reactor and Developer Week

    We are pleased to announce that Enflux and Microsoft are organizing a "Future of Sports Technology" hackathon for Developer Week in San Francisco at the Microsoft Reactor in downtown San Francisco the weekend of Feb 17-19.

    About the Hackathon

    This "Future of Sports Tech" Hackathon is designed to bring together the best minds in technology and sports to solve real problems for athletes, coaches, sports companies, and fans and create the future of sports technology. Developers are encouraged to use the latest technology in performance tracking, sensors, video, and VR/AR to advance the science of sports and athletic performance. We will have some technology and equipment available, and developers are encouraged to bring their own to the event as well!

    Sign up now for early-bird pricing!

    Developers and general attendees can sign up for early-bird pricing at the Event Brite page for “The Future of Sports Technology” Hackathon