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What you need to know about Enflux. 



    Where is the company based? Hayward, CA. Do you generate your own content? Where does content come from? We generate some of our own content-house. We made the VR dancing game. We are partnering with top VR developers to integrate their experiences with EnfluxVR clothes and create a content package of VR experiences.


    What can you use the clothes for? Virtual reality games - gives you full-body presence in VR VR games - social, sports, dance, adventure, shooter. Sports and fitness apps Health care


    What does the suit come with? Shirt and pants Software development kit - Unity plug-in SDK


    What user software and capabilities are available? Now - Unity Windows Desktop Does the SDK give access to both raw data and filtered correct data? You can have access to either. How often does it reads data? We process roll, pitch, and yaw at 125 Hz. Area range product works over? Bluetooth - up to 40 feet for real-time transmission Data stored on board the suit for up to 30 minutes if you are out of range Do you support Spacial Mobility/Positional Tracking? For now, we get this from integration with another system that does positional tracking, e.g. HTC Vive or Oculus. The clothing itself does not do positional tracking yet. Can we attach custom IMUs to the suit? We have a Unity SDK plug-in (you can see details at Developers section of www.getenflux.com.) If you're in Unity, you should be able to integrate with any custom IMUs you have. Are we able to provide them raw accel data (plus gyro is possible)? Yes, You either get one or the other. Are we handling synchronization? Yes. We process data from all ten sensors and time synchronize them. What systems do we integrate with? Unity plug-in SDK now Works with HTC Vive and Oculus Will also work with Android, Samsung GearVR, iOS

    Drift & Errors

    At what rate do absolute positioning (skeletal position) errors accumulate over time? We have an adaptive Kalman filter that updates over time, so this reduces the accumulation of errors. We do still have issues with permanent magnetic distortions. Have you tested drift over long periods of time, like 15-20 mins? Yes. And when we are clear of magnetic distortions, we have no detectable drift over time.

    Hand Tracking and Foot Tracking

    Do you do hand tracking? We do not. We do a shirt and pants. Hand is modeled as an extension of the wrist.


    What is the latency? Latency is ~18ms right now.