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Visit Enflux at SIGGRAPH (Booth 1144) to see the latest in motion capture
and become a Virtual Robot! 

Exclusive SIGGRAPH offer available only at the booth.

Learn about the only motion capture suit out there that's simple, affordable, mobile, and durable. Get to know how the Enflux suit works with Unity or Blender to make motion capture a breeze.

Check out the video below for a SNEAK PEAK at "Captain RoboFlux"

Shirt and pants
High performance polyester-spandex blend, designed for comfort and function. Turn on by pressing a button
10 IMU motion sensors
5 in shirt, 5 in pants, integrated together with conductive e-fabric. Each sensor ±2 degrees accuracy in roll, pitch, and yaw
Machine washable
Removable electronics for easy washing. Integrated protective channels to hold electronics in place during use. See video on machine washing
Bluetooth LE 4.0 connections from central module in shirt and pants
10 hour battery
Shirt and pants modules contain USB rechargeable batteries
Real-time streaming
Internal update rate 125 Hz, Max output rate 66 Hz. Arm M4 32 MHz microprocessor
Platform support
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