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Hear what our customers and partners have to say about Enflux!








"Its going to be critical for education... It will help students put themselves into the lesson!"

 -Darius Clarke, Unity and VR Instructor



"With this technology, its more interactive for the players. They have something to hold onto- actual data- and movement to go along with that."
-Alik, Basketball Coach




"I'm a dancer and I like to move around a lot, and [the Enflux suit] is way more immersive  the a controller."

 -Shar, Community and Sales Coordinator



"Really excited about the potential of what I can do with this!"

 -Aaron, Unity Developer and Puppeteer



"The suit provides a really quick way to try things out., see how it works, go back in development on the full piece, and keep charging ahead without losing a lot of money in pre-production."

 Andrew, VR and Film Producer



"I love the simplicity of the suit. I'm looking to see how to merge the film world with the VR world and create the best VR experience we can."
-David, Film Student