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Hear what our customers and partners have to say about Enflux!




“Its going to be critical for education… It will help students put themselves into the lesson!”

 -Darius, Unity and VR Instructor



“With this technology, its more interactive for the players. They have something to hold onto- actual data- and movement to go along with that.”
-Malikk, Basketball Coach




“I’m a dancer and I like to move around a lot, and [the Enflux suit] is way more immersive  the a controller.”

 -Shar, Community and Sales Coordinator



“Really excited about the potential of what I can do with this!”

 -Aaron, Unity Developer and Puppeteer



“The suit provides a really quick way to try things out. [We can] see how it works, go back in development on the full piece, and then keep charging ahead without losing a lot of money in pre-production.”

 Andrew, VR and Film Producer



“I love the simplicity of the suit. I’m looking to see how to merge the film world with the VR world and create the best VR experience I can.”

-David, Film Student