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The Future of Sports Technology Hackathon

The Future of Sports Technology Hackathon

“The Future of Sports Technology” Hackathon at the Microsoft Reactor and Developer Week

We are pleased to announce that Enflux and Microsoft are organizing a “Future of Sports Technology” hackathon for Developer Week in San Francisco at the Microsoft Reactor in downtown San Francisco the weekend of Feb 17-19.

About the Hackathon

This “Future of Sports Tech” Hackathon is designed to bring together the best minds in technology and sports to solve real problems for athletes, coaches, sports companies, and fans and create the future of sports technology. Developers are encouraged to use the latest technology in performance tracking, sensors, video, and VR/AR to advance the science of sports and athletic performance. We will have some technology and equipment available, and developers are encouraged to bring their own to the event as well!

Sign up now for early-bird pricing of $40! Early-bird pricing ends on Monday, Feb 13. This event is for you, developers and attendees! All entry fees and sponsorships cover food and drinks, and go back into prize money.

Developers and general attendees can sign up for tickets at the Event Brite page for “The Future of Sports Technology” Hackathon

Who should attend

Attendees include developers who want to advance the latest software and hardware in sports technology, leaders in the sports technology community, and companies on the cutting edge in sports technology.

If you are interested in sponsoring, becoming a judge, or community supporter, please email Ken Long at [email protected].

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Microsoft Reactor
680 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA

The Hackathon will be held at Microsoft’s Reactor space, an interactive and modern office located just minutes from the Moscone Center and Powell BART station.

Date and time:
Friday, Feb 17: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday, Feb 18: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday, Feb 19: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Come expecting prizes, food, drinks, and lots of fun. What better way to spend a weekend?

    Thank you Developers!!!

    Hackathons are all about the community of developers. These events are only possible because of the tireless effort you put in over the weekend to spark new ideas and advance technology.

    5 Hololenses, 5 Surface Books, Enflux suits, and other cool tech will be available to develop sports tech applications. If you have a sports tech device, API, or SDK you’d like to make available for developers, please email Ken Long at [email protected]!

    We’re building on the tremendous success of our December VR Hackathon at Microsoft, where we had 80+ developers, thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and seven outstanding sponsors.


    Hackathon Challenges and Prizes


    Prizes will include

    1. An exclusive visit to the U.S. Olympic Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, and a private meeting to present your work to coaches, athletes, and staff at the Training Center

    2. Enflux suits for “best full-body experience” (Value $349 each)

    3. Free demo space on February 28th for “Virtual Reality in Sports” at UploadVR and the opportunity to present alongside leading companies in VR and sports

    4. 12 month training membership to group classes for the San Francisco location (Franklin & Bush) of Kwan Um Do Kwang, (zensword.org), a “cutting edge” martial arts training gym in San Francisco. Dividable amongst team, or transferable to friends and family ($1,200 value)

    5. 2 complimentary passes to the LEAN Sports Technology Conference, held by the International Sports Technology Association in Colorado Springs at One Olympic Plaza March 8-10 ($700 value)

    6. Lifetime elite membership to Starters, a global community of technologists and sports enthusiasts, united around the common goal of pushing sports into the future (Value $99 each member) 

    7. 50 bottles of BodyArmor Sports Drink, (http://drinkbodyarmor.com/)

    8. Free API Access for 12 months or an entry into the Sportradar Acceleradar program





    Friday, Feb 17

    • 6:00 Meet up (Demos) 
    • 7:00 Program kick off (Presentations) 
    • 8:00 Hackathon Kickoff/Lightning Rounds/Team Formations 
    • 10:00 Adjourn 

    Saturday, Feb 18

    • 8:00am Registration / Breakfast 
    • 10:00am Hackathon begins & Morning announcements 
    • 3:00pm Lunch 
    • 8:00pm Dinner 
    • 10:00pm Adjourn for the evening

    Sunday, Feb 19

    • 8:00am Breakfast 
    • 12:00pm Lunch 
    • 1:00pm Turn in projects
    • 2:00pm Judging
    • 3:00pm-5:00pm Awards ceremony 
    • 5:00pm-7:00pm Demos Open To Public
    • 7:00pm Doors Close

    Developers and general attendees can sign up at the Event Brite page for “The Future of Sports Technology” Hackathon


    Resources for Developers

    Getting started with SportRadar: http://developer.sportradar.com/Hackathon

    By participating in this Hackathon, you agree to abide by our Hackathon code of conduct: https://hackcodeofconduct.org/


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